Is India First Online City Local Market Place, featuring a city local market discount coupons, deals, offers of categories like Fast Foods, Restaurants, Hotels, Gyms, Beauty Saloons etc. (Why you waste time in bargaining, when you can get online discount coupon, deals, offers online of your city local market.).

Our aim is very simple to aware peoples about local market. Our target is to grow all local stores. We want to aware people about all stores in their city and to aware about sales events of their city. Merii Deal provides the best discount coupons, deals of city local market across categories like food, clothes, gyms, Salons etc

Our objective is to make every store online where they can promote their discount coupons, deals of their store. Merii Deal provides a platform to all stores to increase their business and to customers to get more aware about stores in the city. (When we can promote your store online at negligible cost, then why you promote your store offline.)


To aware people about city local market and to provide them discount coupons, deals, offers of their city local market. Our mission is to make every local store online. (Merii Deal Represent Every Local Store.)

Services: We provide services in :

  1. Coupons
  2. Deals
  3. Store Listings
  4. Blogs
The Merii Deal Opportunity 
can buy ropinirole over the counter MARKET EXPECTATION AND COMMITMENT

Today local market needs growth, flexibility, digitalisation. Market need regular customers, awareness about their stores with the ever changing competitive online market. Local Market need awareness to collaborate with online market to participate in quality online market. Further, it is necessary for local stores to reduce their marketing cost in today modern online market.

We are committed to meet the above expectations, as we understand the needs well. How we do and how we provide are changing drastically and fast according to the growth in the online market, as we want to keep pace with the fast developing online market and offer the best services to the local stores and customer and in-turn to make a best business growth platform.


The objectives of the meriideal.com are specifically:

  • Assist local stores to grow their business in today modern market.
  • Assist local stores so that they can make aware themselves in city local market.
  • Working with marketing team, content team, promotion team, SMM team, heads to integrate local stores as well as with News | Events.
  • Serve the people by providing coupons, deals and news.
  • Providing services to local stores.
  • Up gradation of the local stores with the first city local market place.
  • Awareing the people regarding local stores & offers available in their city.
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